One Week Away from Pink Friday- Join the Movement


Pink Friday is one week away

We are one week away from a significant date in retail history. You've heard of Black Friday, but I am talking about PINK Friday. To put it simply; Pink Friday is a small business spin on the traditional Black Friday shopping experience, reminding people to #ShopSmallFirst. But let me break it down for you, and hopefully, when I am done, you will pledge to join the movement!

Year over year there have been major economic forces that have closed many small business doors and shattered dreams. Can you think of at least one small business you really wish were still around? Pink Friday is about Community over Competition. Routing for thy neighbor to succeed because you understand the dream and the hustle.

Each year billions of dollars are spent during the holiday shopping season. We have all found ease and convenience in shopping with the big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Amazon etc. One-stop shop with fast shipping? No brainer. Now you add in the affordability of the most controversial sites such as Shein and Temu and it is hard to decipher where it makes most sense to put your hard-earned dollars.

Everyone has an opinion on the way of the world with shopping these days. I will humbly say the relationships you have built with your favorite small businesses mean more in the short term and the long term for you and your community. 

When you place an order, come to visit, share your latest news... we FEEL this. We have spent all of our time sourcing products and creating a shopping environment with you in mind. We are honored to be part of your lives and support you in return. We have Loyalty Programs and events in place, we donate to your events and are happy to keep the money circulating within our very own community. 

This Pink Friday we have linked up with 3 other Small Businesses in the spirit of shopping small. (All local and women-owned)

pink friday shop small firstpink friday promotions

So when you think of shopping this year, remember your neighbor who has built their dream in hopes of living it out for years to come! We see you, we love you, we appreciate you! Near and far. Thank you! Will you join the movement?

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